Music Idols

We all have individuals we look up to. It gives us joy & hope to see someone accomplishing our dreams – showing us that it is possible and not just a fantasy. I have many idols when it comes to music. But, I’m only going to share a select few and the reasoning behind me idolizing these people. I appreciate the mark they’ve made within the music world and in my soul.

Doro Pesch

– Doro is definitely the only woman I look up too. She showed the world that a chick can be in metal and not have to slut up. I used to sing to her music all the time and it gave me confidence to ditch the music to sing that was shoved down my throat, (my grandparents and school despised the fact I wanted to cover Doro songs) and just pursue what I want to do.

Peter Steele

– Type O Negative/Carnivore were the first two metal bands that I heard as a young child. From there my love for metal grew. The bass playing and vocal ability of this man inspired me to pick up bass and sing myself. My favorite song I used to sing as a small child was Black No 1. ( I would sing songs with numbers a lot! My other fave was White Zombie’s Thunderkiss ’65)

Ronnie James Dio

– Dio is another vocalist that inspired me to pursue my dreams. Goes to show that being an intelligent person and a big nerd can take you places. I don’t know what it is that caught my attention, possibly his stage presence – but it made me feel instantly at home. That the pop music crap the people around me were trying to shove on me wasn’t my place. Dio was just calling me home.

I apologize for the crappy post. As I got distracted thinking up pranks with my boyfriend.
– Mercy Desdemona

[ All photos from Google Images]


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