Vampires – Why I’m attracted.

I have been a fan of vampire folklore since I was a small girl. Something about the humanity of the mythical being intrigued me at such a young age, as I grew older I would start to read more into the many folklore out there and interview people that call themselves vampires. I’m not attracted to the blood and gore of such a character — but the romance and the humanity within it.

A vampire character is closer to the human heart than any other mythical being I’ve ever come across to research. I strongly believe this because we wish we could have all the time in the world to stay young and go about our travels without a care in the world! Oh that is just one of the greatest things isn’t it? The thought of immortality and eternal youth! What more could a human possibly dream of?

The vampire snaps us humans out of that fantasy. It shows us the reality of dealing with eternal youth and immortality. I honestly, feel a connection to the character. Twists my brain into deep thought and my emotions pulse through my veins as I evaluate my own life choices and decisions.

Maybe I’m just some nerd that looks too deep within the surface of a mythical being.

Who knows.

Blood & Guts

Mercy Desdemona


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