Self Hatred (Decomposition of man)

Self Hatred (Decomposition of man)

I killed my brain today.

Went downright insane.

As a human,

I’ve decomposed.

And made myself nothing.

I wasted my existence.

Became a “What fifer”

I hate myself.

I’m my own worst enemy.

Giving myself apathy.

Until I wake,

wondering why.

Why, did I wake to the light of day.

How can one just self decay?

Who gives a fuck.

It’s better this way.

Just take a gun.

Just take a bullet.

Hitchcocks cure.

For sleep deprived.

Bury me.

And bury me well.

Just make sure I’m going to hell.

© Mercy Desdemona 2013

Low confidence is a bitch.


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