Odd Dream

Hello my creeps.

I have to say I’ve had one of the strangest dreams to date.

All pertaining to shots/vaccines by health care providers.

The dream was urging people to get a shot to prevent some sort of disease.

Of course, a few rebels decided to go without the shot and try to figure out what was within these vaccines.

What they found out was that it wasn’t a vaccine at all, but embalming fluid of some sort.

They were preserving us while we were alive!

And those that had the shots were programmed and well preserved “zombies” in a sense that were controlled by mass media to hate each other until no one could have an intellectual conversation what-so-ever. (that isn’t not too far-fetched now is it?)

This embalming fluid was the cause of the over population problem as science took it too far to test a theory and now no one will die. Causing massive issues, panic, and terror.

It caused the end of man kind.


I want a slush puppy and a large fry. Have a good night.

– Mercy Desdemona.


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