Judgement Day

It’s amusing how people act when they aren’t in your shoes. They become know it all and almighty. They put themselves up on a pedestal if which their order is correct and because you don’t agree you are seen as less than them or less intelligent. I have to take a moment to tell you what I think about this individuals — They are pathetic. Individuals that take the time to judge a person based upon their situations without trying to understand are idiots.

A good friend or individual would take the time to listen to your situation without judgements or pedestals. They’d offer good advice and try to aid the situation. Not bash you down and drag you into the dirt. Putting their boot on your face as you gasp for air. These individuals aren’t capable of compassion — and their attempt at compassion is fraudulent. They do it because to please what society would love but not because its from their heart.

We walk amongst a truly selfish and unemotional society. Where it’s hard to tell the true hearted people from the con-hearted people. Con-Hearted people use scapegoats for their wrongdoing so they can justify their actions. Hide behind a mask as they spit on you. I found out that I am currently surrounded by a lot of them.

I shall put my foot down. My life and situations, decisions aren’t harming a soul. If anything, I’ve bent over backwards to be there for people that claimed to be my friends. Not anymore. I have a caring boyfriend and my family that’s there for me. I have goals to accomplish and dreams to keep my life alive. Just because I have different political, religious and many other different views than you doesn’t mean you have the right to “spit” upon me. I at least, can admit my mistakes and learn from the ups and downs of life. Life isn’t all structured. Not every second can be planned in a notebook and be perfect. I have struggles, I’m NOT perfect. I am human. Just like you. Step off your high horse and get back to reality. Because in the end, you’ll end up being alone. Lonely and afraid.


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