Evil Dead (Rant) – Original Vs. Remake

I am about to do a rant my creeps. Honestly, I don’t like to put my blog up for a rant section but I think in this case (and since I need to be quiet) I will. Evil Dead has to be one of my all time top favorite films. And, I stumbled upon the full trailer of the remake that is coming out. I will post both Trailers – Original Vs. Remake. And below in the comments you can feel free to speak your piece.



First off, the original trailer is more edge of your seat to me than the remake. The lack of technology and crappy ways of the original is what makes it an awesome film. It was more… I guess you can say “realistic” than the computer feel of the remake. The remake is too “clean” and “modern” for it to even be watchable. The blood effect looks like fruit punch… I mean… come on… Just because we have all this technology doesn’t mean we have to use every bit of it. It ends up making things look shitty and lame.

But that’s just my tiny rant. Becuasae right now I gotta figure out why my imovie isn’t working accordingly.

Blood & guts


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