’70s Horror – Era of Exorcisms & Paranormal?

Dearest Creeps,

Usually when watching films my beloved and I tend to classify films by era. For example, 1950’s was a big gigantic Science Fiction Era. But recently, I came to the conclusion in my slumber *yes…in my slumber* that the ’70s horror films were the era of exorcisms and paranormal.

After watching the horrid yet comical film – Beyond the Door – I started browsing the web for more films from the ’70s that I haven’t seen. It seemed to me the main theme was exorcisms and paranormal. It’s like everyone was jumping on that bandwagon while they could whether the quality of the film was awesome or not.

I’m thinking of starting 2013 off with “Era” reviews just so I can watch films I haven’t seen before of have forgotten. January 2013 shall be ’70s Horror Month. I write blogs every Friday with a video review on youtube every Saturday. If you have a film from the 70s you think I should take a look at let me know in a comment.

Blood & Guts,

Mercy Desdemona


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