Beyond The Door (Review)

Hello Creeps.

By now you may have figured out that I am into some strange and unusual films. But last night, I saw one that made me feel like I killed many a brain cells. My boyfriend and I were searching for a film to watch and stumbled upon the film Beyond the Door (1974). Here is the trailer:

Clearly, this movie was made at the height of all the exorcism crap. But this one is right up there with the film, Winterbeast for the what the fuck factor. It didn’t make any sense what so ever. You didn’t know the plot at all nor did you understand what they were saying half the time. It was as if they put a bunch of people infront of a camera and dubbed the whole film. Needless to say, I enjoy this cheese factor very much. It was lame, down right dumb, and comical.

It said in the description of the film that it was supposed to be a mix of the film, The Exorcist and the film Rosemary’s Baby. It was quite confusing becuase you didn’t know what was going on and it was the most random piece of film I’ve ever seen. The storyline – What story line? It’s basically a bunch of random demonic noises, a floating lady, and the lady being too friendly with her son. (Needless to say that made my bf hide his face away) The music was unfitting yet catchy and the actions of the individuals within the film were more than stupid.

I think, if the makers of the film would have actually taken the time to make it well it could be a pretty decent film. I didn’t like how there wasn’t really a story to follow at all. Sure, you can pick up bits and pieces here and there. But, it wasn’t anything worth sitting at the edge of your seat for. If you like cheesy “horror” you will find this a complete comedy mixed with why the hell am I watching this and is my brain really trying to comprehend this?

Blood & guts

Mercy Desdemona

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