Nightmare Castle (1965) Review

Hello Creeps. I hope you all had a dreary holiday with all of your fiends. Tonight, I am reviewing one of my personal favorite films: Nightmare Castle.

Nightmare Castle has to be one of my favorite films because it’s have vampiric undertones mixed with mystery, thriller, mad science and more. To summarize the film, Muriel is the wife of a scientist and they live in her castle. You see that they also live with their elderly maid as well. The scientist is clearly not a nice Doctor at all; a bit of a mad man with a greedy streak. It’s clear that he is only married to Muriel to inherit her belongings. Muriel and her lover are killed by the Scientist, which you think at first is out of jealous rage. But as the film goes on you see that it’s more than just that. Muriel has a sister named Jenny, of which she willed the estate too incase of her death. Only problem is, Jenny is known to be in a mad mental state. After finding out that Jenny would be the one to inherit the estate, he plots to marry her so he will again have a chance at the estate. We soon find out that the scientist gave the blood of Muriel and her lover to the maid which is (what I think is his creation but it’s not said in the film) his lover and needs blood to regain her youth. Jenny and her doctor soon find out what the Doctor was up to and the ghosts of Muriel and her beloved come back from the grave to take revenge.

This film has a tad bit of over acting, a bit of a lag when you watch it and a catchy piano tune that will be stuck in your head for a while after watching it. It has to be a dark, romantic, mystery, vampire, horror that we just don’t have in current films.

I’d highly recommend this film.

Blood & Guts,

Mercy Desdemona

P.s. My boyfriend and I are thinking of having a live movie night on Saturdays (this is just in the works mind you) where we’d watch horror films with the watchers, talk about them, and review them. If you’re interested — feel free to subscribe:

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