† 12-21-12 †

Dear Creeps,

Tomorrow is supposedly doomsday for us all. Them Mayans. How many are left on this planet? Why don’t we go knock on their door and ask them about this? That’s right. Because they couldn’t even predict their own demise.

Doomsday. It’s kind of interesting how people go through life claiming certain days as DOOMSDAY and it NEVER happens. Isn’t the definition of insanity repeating the same thing and expecting a diff. result? Or something along those lines?

Religious nuts are the most depressive people I’ve ever met. They knock on your door – “Do you have five minutes of your time to talk about jesus?” – No not really, but entertain me. – “If you don’t follow him you’ll die and burn in hell 😀 ” – Slam door.- That was enlightening. It seems the more the religious nuts roam free the more Doom and gloom is passed around.

Would it be all that bad if the world did just end? I think not. And if it were to occur, We can’t do anything to stop it.

So shut up, grab a drink, have a BBQ and celebrate the 21st. And if you’d like, I’ll post a link to my live show tomorrow where my friend Luna and I are going to be celebrating national crazy day 🙂

Blood & Guts

Mercy †


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