Curtains (1983) Review

Hey Creeps. I can’t seem to sleep at the moment, so I thought I’d watch a random film and write my review while watching it. I just closed my eyes and clicked the film Curtains from the horror and suspense section of Hulu.

I’m about five or ten minutes into it and I’m already bored to pieces.The facial expressions… or should I say lack of facial expressions of the actors and actresses would make a corpse seem perky.

So basically, this actress is “re-surching” [that’s how she pronounced it] how it is to be a mad woman because that’s what she needs to play. And some creepy tickle giggly lady comes out of nowhere and makes me feel like I was just touched in the no-no zone.

Seems these mental patients are under some sort of creepy laughing gas. It’s quite annoying. They all look like people that need baths. Quite frankly, I don’t know if I can even finish the film. You can’t really tell whats going on all that much. You see laughing people, a guy that I think is the actress’s agent? The doctor and a nurse.

Oh look, a cheesy stand up comedy. That totally doesn’t lighten the mood what so ever. Okay, so now it switches to another actress with a bad attitude that seems like she’s probably an alcoholic when no one is looking. I have no idea what her purpose is in the film because its too hard to keep track of what exactly the plot of this film is.

Okay… so i guess an insane lady got out by her friend and… What the hell?! Who made this movie? Whoever did needs a good smack in the head. This movie should come with a map to point you in the direction of the plot.

20 minutes in you think that a guy is actually trying to kill a bimbo, but turns out they are just sick couple into creepy crap. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to roadkill. Every time you think the story is moving forward and a killing is going to happen it turns out its just a dream or a sick twisted fetish.

There is absolutely no main character, you barely hear any names spoken to keep up with the characters. And pretty much all these actresses want a part in some form of whatever yadda yadda and they supposedly get killed. I’m sorry.. I can’t do this. This movie is putting me to sleep.

I rate it ZERO Give an F’s.


– Mercy


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