People & Tragedies

I’m going to touch upon a sensitive subject today. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost their lives due to a gunman or any other form of tragedy. But I honestly think what I have to say here needs to be said.

I see people everywhere claiming that the tragedies in this world happen because God isn’t taught in schools and then I hear the argument that If God exists why did he let this happen? The answer is simple. Your faith has nothing to do with tragedies that happen in life. You are using your faith or belief systems as a scapegoat because we have no one but to blame but humanity itself.

Why do I say blame humanity? Because we are the cause of all the hatred and destruction. Life isn’t all roses and sunshine. There is a dark side to it that we ignore. We don’t like to take account for our dark and cruel actions. Yes, there are people out there that do sick things. But using your faith as a scapegoat when it happens isn’t right. Just acknowledge the truth before us that yes, there are some people out there that our monsters.

What I also don’t understand is how we Negatively idolize the people that cause tragedies. Look at all those notorious serial killers: Ed Geine, Ted Bundy, Charlie Manson. We all know who these people are. And they have documentaries made about them. They get fame for being a cruel human being! Wouldn’t it make more sense for the fire figthers that risk their lives to get more attention? Or people feeding the hungry? Maybe then those type of people would be seen as role models instead of serial killers.

We have no one to blame but ourselves. It’s not because of the lack of God… because haven’t you seen those religious nuts out there … Killing in the name of God?! It has to do with a twisted society that gives a sick negative idolization towards those that cause pain and heartache.


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