Venting and Longing

This entry is going to be more of a venting entry. Mainly because I’ve been seeping back into my depressive state when I can’t talk to my love. It feels like a true part of me is missing. Together we share every emotion. We can feel what each other feels. I’ve never had anything like this before. And people outside of the relationship say “Just Kids” and all that. But, they don’t see what goes on. No one does. He and I are in our own little world when we’re together and it’s an amazing one.

All I want for the holidays is to be with him by my side and watch all the gory horror films in the world. He’s my best friend and the greatest person I could ever ask for in my life. I just miss talking to my love very much it aches when we have to say good night. I try to keep my mind busy during the day so I don’t have to feel how much I miss him, but I can’t help it. I miss him very much.

My mood is snippy and snarky when I can’t talk to him. My family has even remarked that he and I should just be together soon because really, he makes me so happy. I feel so comfortable, something I’ve never felt before with an individual. I would do anything in this world to make this holiday special for the both of us.

I just want to be in his arms and forget the world around us. And sleep so happy and soundly. Knowing that he’s there.

I love him with my heart and soul. Nothing can change that. I’m proud to be his and smile like an idiot when I think of all the amazing times. He’s simply perfect in my eyes. And the best thing I could ever ask for in my life. He has my full love, support, and care.

– Mercy


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