Shootings, End of the World, Etc.

*** Attention: This blog post may or may not stir issues/opinions/emotions and make you wish I was hit by a bus. You have been warned.****

Dearest Creeps,

I would like to take a moment out to discuss my views on the rise of gun crime, religious extremists, and emotions within todays society. Keep in mind that this blog post may cause issues – but I’m not about to sugar coat anything. I’m going to be real and to the point with my opinion and although this post may seem harsh — my heart goes out to all of those that have lost their lives in any manner other than natural causes.
Let’s begin with the rise of gun crimes. I personally believe the rise of gun crime isn’t because we are allowed to have guns — but its the people behind them. We allow people with mental instabilities roam around with the public every day because people see it as inhumane to keep them in institutions where they can receive help and be kept away from endangering the public. A gun is an object that doesn’t decide to kill — the person behind it does. Yes, I do believe in my 2nd amendment right — but what I don’t understand is how people blame the object but not the person behind it. I also think the rise in gun crimes and any crimes for that matter is because the looney’s that are allowed to roam around with the public believe in the “End of the World” conspiracy. So there attitude is just Fuck it. The world is going to end anyway let’s just lose our minds.
The second thing that’s been bugging me is the rise of religious extremists. No, I don’t agree with saying “god” in the pledge because America was built for religious tolerance. You don’t see other religions in the nation forcing you to be under their religion, why force it on others? But these are also the people that believe that Jesus or whatever is going to come down and save them on the 21st and I’ve even heard claims (by religious nut cases in my own family none-the-less) that people will be driving non-stop, regardless of traffic laws so Jesus or God or whatever will save them. I’m pretty sure if you keep driving regardless of laws you will infact see your god and take millions of innocent beings with you.
I love how people in this era seem emotionally detached. They cheat on ones they came to love. Sleep around and try to claim what I call the Pity Party. No one is true and secure. Just insecure people that toss everything away. Even emotions.People are to paranoid to trust so they end up alone popping pills. People are afraid to show emotions because they hide behind electronics. What have we come too?


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