Nosferatu 1922

Nosferatu one of the most marvelous movies I have ever come across. I am a silent film junkie – especially silent horror – and I wish they would continue the making of silent films. I say this because within the silent films the actors and actresses had to portray their emotion through body language. You felt what they were feeling — you could sense it. It makes your body just tingle — either that or it’s just me and I get lost within the films.

Today, I’m going to start my horror review series with Nosferatu. This was the first film of vampire nature that I came across as a little girl. It’s what started it all for me and I love it to this day. Nosferatu tells the tale of Dracula (Yes, they were sued for using the story) with a few name changes here and there. Max Schreck was the marvelously eerie Nosferatu or Count Orlock. I believe this is the film that captured the vampire at it’s finest. A dark creature, ugly by nature, frightening as he would drink the blood of a human being.

The dark nature of the film always hit me in the heart. The way I interpreted the darkness made me feel so secure. As Count Orlock drains the life from a victim it’s like it’s showing us that life is too short to waste and with each slumber we go towards Lady Death. I believe every vampire fan should sit back enjoy this classic.

^ Feel free to watch it here on youtube. Found the Full Movie.

Also… this review is written horribly — Note to self: Review when you aren’t in a hurry to go to town. But hey.. it’s a start.

Blood & Guts,
Mercy Desdemona.

P.s. If you’d like me to review a horror film, feel free to leave a title within the comments. I promise, I’ll take my time and effort into them. Horror Reviews will be done every Friday.


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