Vampira – My Idol

Hello Creeps.

People have been asking me about my idols lately. Needless to say, there are plenty of people that I can relate to and look up to, but I would have to say at number one stands the lovely Vampira. Why can I relate to a 1950s Horror Hostess? Easily. Personality wise, I can relate to the character and the eerie Mailia Nurmi herself. The elegance of the character has always drawn me to it. Elegance, class, humor dark as night. Very relatable to me.

In the 1980s, Nurmi was hired again to revive the Vampira character but quit… and thus the Hoochie Elvira came about. (Don’t you dare ask my opinion about Elvira… you’ll just get a rant.)

I apologize for the short blog. I’m running behind on schedule than I usually am, and I have to run.

– Mercy Desdemona.


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