I never understood why we would celebrate turkey day. Or understand why freaks would go out on Black Friday and trample each other for things they already have and then complain about having nothing.

I also never understood my family. They are a crazy bunch with different ideals yet, are all headstrong. Some are more tolerant than others when it comes to different opinion, and some just want to strangle you for not believing what they do. But, hey it happens. I’ve been woken up by a debate about religion. Which, I don’t see why people debate that because if people have faith in one of course they are going to defend it. I can’t wait for stuff your face time.

I suppose I should write what I’m thankful for:

– My creepy and loving boyfriend for always being there and supporting my dreams & nightmares.
– My dad and my brother for being freaks and putting up with my insanity.
– The fact I’ve got a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food waiting in the kitchen for me when millions of people in this world don’t have that luxury.
– For the lovely weather mother nature has bestowed on us on this November day.
– Chocolate Fudge Pie.

I suppose I gotta get out into the kitchen put my nice face on and deal with the banter of Jesus Vs Satan Vs Wiccan and then hopefully, if no blood is shed by the religious wackos of my family — Have a lovely meal.

Grumpy Gobble Turkey Day Internet world. Hope its a fantastic one.

– Mercy Desdemona.

Research Date?


Hello my creeps.

I’m sitting here laughing to myself as I remember last night’s — I guess you can call it “date” — with my boyfriend. We’re at a distance currently, so we usually get on cam to talk and last night we spent 9 hours looking at scare and researching unsolved crimes trying to solve them. Maybe I’m the only one that finds this funny — possibly because my description skills are poor — but I find this humorous because I’ve never had someone that enjoyed those strange interests as I do.

My favorite crimes are those from the 1700s – early 1900s. The ones that are unsolved. It was fun reading those and saying what we both thought as if we were detectives in that time period. Interestingly enough — I believe Jack the Ripper was a woman with jealous rage. I’ll explain that more in depth in another blog as I’ve got to run.

All in all – It was eerily fun being a detective and it’s amazing having a boyfriend that can also be my best friend.

Enough cheese from me. I’m off to work.

– Mercy Desdemona

Mercy is a Grinch


Hello my creeps.

I will admit i’m a bit of a grinch and although i cringe at the thought of discussing christmas before thanksgiving – I will anyway because I can. I’m thinking of doing the 12 days of anti-holiday this season. Only because when people put on that fake sense of merriment just because some dude is gonna supposedly bust in your house to spoil your little children – make me kinda wanna go bonkers.

– Mercy

Creative Minds


Creative minds — Those little devils.

Creative thinkers seem to always be feared by people. I personally think it’s because of creative people’s beautiful way of reaching deep within someone’s body and soul. Makes them question the world around them. Pushes them out of their comfort zone into a world where possibilities are endless. Into a world driven by strong emotion and beautiful thought. Where the leaves of autumn falling amongst the grass is more important than wining and dining at five star restaurants.

Creative minds are called devils.

Could it be because we reveal the “devil” in the person pointing the finger?

Do they not like what they see?

Write a Horror Film


Hello Creeps. As a horror junkie and a strange child blossoming into an even stranger adult — I’ve come to realize that music isn’t my only love in this world. One item on my bucket list that must happen is write a horror film. Along with my horror junkie boyfriend – I believe this can be accomplished. Has anyone else thought of creating a film in their life?