Research Date?

Hello my creeps.

I’m sitting here laughing to myself as I remember last night’s — I guess you can call it “date” — with my boyfriend. We’re at a distance currently, so we usually get on cam to talk and last night we spent 9 hours looking at scare and researching unsolved crimes trying to solve them. Maybe I’m the only one that finds this funny — possibly because my description skills are poor — but I find this humorous because I’ve never had someone that enjoyed those strange interests as I do.

My favorite crimes are those from the 1700s – early 1900s. The ones that are unsolved. It was fun reading those and saying what we both thought as if we were detectives in that time period. Interestingly enough — I believe Jack the Ripper was a woman with jealous rage. I’ll explain that more in depth in another blog as I’ve got to run.

All in all – It was eerily fun being a detective and it’s amazing having a boyfriend that can also be my best friend.

Enough cheese from me. I’m off to work.

– Mercy Desdemona


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