Insomnia – A Pleasant Bitch?

Insomnia seems to be a pleasant bitch. Sure, it makes you groggy and irritable after awhile. But I’ve had some of the best ideas and productive nights come out of insomnia. I didn’t just sit there and stare at the ceiling or try to count those blasted imaginary sheep. No sir-ee-bob I did not. I simply converted my schedule to be more of a night owl – Not that I wasn’t one anyway – but even more so now.

Some of the best moments of my life so far have come from this sleeping issue. One was taking a random trip around to two different towns looking for frickin tacos at 3AM only to remember it was a MONDAY night instead of a weekend night and getting awesome donuts that tasted so amazing at 4 AM and making the walmart janitor seem like an axe murderer.

Another, was the time I got to my living quarters all situated with my music equipment, writing, photography etc. It was so marvelous and I was soooo proud. But come to find out I’m too tired to enjoy the set up -_- You pleasant bitch insomnia. You do make me rather poetic.

And I’m not talking Nan-tucket poetic. I mean, true poetic. I feel like I could compose a symphony or write a book of poems. And yet, when I feel oh so glorius pen in hand about to touch the paper.. sleep settles in and insomnia wins this round.


What the hell was this post about?

I don’t know.

It’s 3 AM.


Just mutterings from an idiot.


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